Monday, March 29, 2010

Hiking, Filming, Running, March 21, and Constitutional Carry.

A few weeks ago I went hiking a couple of times with the D's and the R boys (in the white tanks), it was so much fun. The first hike we did was around 2-3 miles I think, the second hike was about eight miles! That one was a lot of fun; it was raining and cloudy and just absolutely gorgeous. There was a little valley that we crossed, if reminded us all of the highlands in Scotland, except for the saguaro Cactus!! Very Green from all the rain we got, which has been eight inches this year!

I have also gone on two of the film shoots for the movie "Friday at Noon", it's alot of fun! We shot at a library at a seminary, and at my Grandpa's business office. They have a new trailer on their website/youtube at

I have also this past month started jogging/running during the week. I have done it before but never gotten in the habit of it, but I think I have now. I'm still working on it, but I can jog two miles in about 16 minutes. (Army standard is 16:34, marines are higher) No, I am not planning on joining the military but would like to stay somewhat fit and healthy. I would like to eventually jog with a pack (weighted) on but that is still a little ways away. :) I just enjoy running, always have and hopefully always will.

And then the sad part: March 21. The day health reform was passed, (notice the article on my new page). I have read a little of the bill it self, and I am sure glad I have a God who is in control. Because it is....(thinking of a word).. more than scary!(but not surprising) Hopefully this November the Arizona law will pass that protects it citizens from the mandatory purchase of health care, AZ was the first State to propose such a law (last June).
Also, today the AZ senate passed a bill that gives it's citizens the right to CCW without a permit (called Constitutional Carry). Tomorrow the house votes on it and then to the Governor to sign! Also, today the AZ house passed the Firearms freedom bill; which says all guns and ammo made in AZ cannot be regulated by the Federal government or confiscated. It then will go to the Senate where it is expected to pass. Only five other states have passed such laws, but many more are in the process. Arizona will then be about the third safest state to own a gun in!


Yes, I did pass my biology test last Monday. I got a 53, I am very thankful!!! God is the only one who can have the credit, especially for this one. :)

Everyone can tell that I've been busy since I haven't blogged in a while (cause I do enjoy blogging). I now have been working on 'College Mathematics', hopefully I can pass that in a week/ week and a half. I have been working on it for a while with Mrs. R for the past few months, but still have a little ways to go. (Cause I think the only thing I hate more than biology, is algebra!)

I am going to post different posts on different topics of what have been going on since the last time I blogged, so stay tuned. :)