Friday, April 30, 2010

Math Test on Saturday

Well hopefully I will take my 'College Mathematics' test tomorrow (Sat). I have been working on this one for a while on the side with Mrs. R, and then the past 6 weeks just by itself. (Been struggling with this one too. Just pray that everything goes well, my last practice test score was 70, and I need a 50 or higher to pass.
This is a big test with six credits if I pass.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


So another thing we did was go shooting out in the desert. Again thanks a lot to Mr. R for his tips and help. Here are some 'great shots' that Emily took; thank you Emily.

Shooting the Springfield .40 Cal

Shooting The AR-15 (M4)

That's pretty much what I have picture wise. We had a enjoyable evening tonight with the 'F's' from church.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures from the past couple of weeks part 2

Pictures from the past couple of weeks part 1

Was busy, Now Tired

Wow, the past three weeks have been a whirlwind of events. Starting before the church picnic; we worked a whole week cleaning house and doing yard work, not only for the picnic, but also before our friends from Texas came out. So here is a recap of whats been going on here.

April 8- Most Everything was ready for the picnic. Also, Steve Ringer and his family arrived here. (to film a video for more about this farther down)

April 10- Our church picnic. But before, earlier in the morning some of us went to a community yard sale we always go to, that has about 200-300 yard sales. The biggest find was a Mini-14 for dad. Dad wasn't there, but I (and Emily R) found it(disputed as to who saw it first). I guess I was out of the truck before it had even come to a complete stop when we saw "Guns" leaning against a table.
The picnic was fun, (not as big as our last one in November) we had a baptism there as well and one boy was baptized. We also had another scavenger hunt, like last years. But this was was twice as long and twice as hard!! There was four teams like last time, my team had: Amanda L, Emily R, Gabriella H(sp?), Josh L, Jonathan Y, Zane K, and I'm tired, there was someone else I think.....
Anyways, our team did not win this time but came in a close second behind Lisa's team. They did have the best time, but that was disqualified because changes was made to their paper after it was turned in, so we then had the best time. Plus they had three more right then us. But it was really crazy, hard, and fun all at the same time. (had to do everything from singing Amazing Grace to pulling off Pastor's shoe to doing somersaults!)

So the biggest event that we did was film a video for Mr. Ringer. So we did get it all filmed and dad's still working on the post production. I will post some pictures of it but please look at for more pictures and info regarding the video. Steve hopes to do a whole series and hopefully market it through several different avenues. It was a lot of work, and I even got to be in it a short time (Thanks again Mr. Ringer).

So while the R's were out we went to the zoo, went hiking with the L's and even got a lady mad at us for killing a rattler at the head of the trail. Also, We went shooting and Mr. R. gave me some very helpful insight pertaining to shooting, etc... Enjoyed it very much.

Today I slept in (the R's left Yesterday) and then also took a nap, which is very rare for me. But The past two weeks I always went to bed somewhere between 11pm-2am!!
So as I remember things I'll post them. I am also putting some pictures up right now in another post.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Song, by Keith Green

Here is a song that we play every Easter at Church. I think today's was recorded; if I can get the video I'll post it here. Meanwhile enjoy Keith Greens 'live' version. I'll put the studio version on another page.