Monday, May 31, 2010

Videos up on new Page

Here is a sample, one of my favorites that they played. The other videos are better quality than this one. (Poor lighting as it got dark) :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

'Photo Shoot in South Dakota'

At 'Ingalls Homestead' where we stayed for a couple days I had my mom take some pictures out by some cottonwood trees planted my 'Pa' Ingalls (who inspired me to play fiddle years ago). It was the perfect place to write a song too. So anyways here are the pictures. I feel guilty putting these one's up, since they are all of me....

A Surprise! ....The Beggarmen....

In Iowa we went to my cousin's wedding, it was nice to see family again while we were there. So anyways the wedding was very nice, a nice service, good food, great reception (which was in a very large old barn), and my cousin did a great job on the bagpipes during the ceremony. And then there was my surprise. The Beggarmen.

We arrived at the reception and walked into to barn and there on the other side of the floor was a four member Celtic band tuning up to provide the music for the next 3-4 hours!!!! Everyone here knows what went through my mind when that happen; and the worst thing was I didn't being an instrument along!! (to the the wedding).
So it was just absolutely awesome!! I took so much video of them playing I ran out of card space during one of the best songs too. Yes, I am going to put some videos of it up, just watch in the new page. My dad did get a couple of there CD's because even he (a bluegrass lover) liked them. I got to chat with them quite a while, especially with their fiddler Tara Dutcher (her husband is the bodhran player). She plays just like Jane Hilton. And they will be home-schoolers when her kids are old enough, (Can you tell we talked with them quite a bit). So look up "The Beggarmen' band when you get a chance. My newest Celtic band that I admire.

So anyways I'll be uploading/adding pic's and videos to this post or in the new page I created.
BTW I did take these pictures.

More posts and pictures coming!

I am Back Home!

That's it, more later!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trip Update From Minn.

So I have quite a few pictures I want to post, but those will have to wait a little bit, but hopfully soon. :)

We are at my Mom's cousins house in Minn, it it absolutly beautiful, 78 degrees with a breeze and sunny; in a house that is about 130 years old on a farm.

So I'll give the run down on what has happened since we left.

We left last Wed. night at about 11:30 pm, (the Hood...'s helped us pack up and say goodbye, thank you) So I woke up in flagstaff at about 2:30am Thursday to my dad playing 'Songs' quietly keeping him entertained (or awake) with the song 'Creed' playing. (Sound familier P?? Listining to music going to Flag? lol) :)

Except that around the same time Annamae got sick, and it wasn't the kind of sickness you want to have while traveling in a car. ;) (after that over the next couple of days quite a few members of our family got sick, I didn't catch it and we are just about over it.)

So we drove straight though to the Cabrea's (sp) in Colorado. (half way between Col Springs and Denver) Beautiful cool weather there with still some snow on the ground. PLayed a little music with Daniel, while 'Mare stareing' until 1:30 in the morning. (Those little horses are sometimes a pain!)
We stayed there for two nights and then left to go to South Dakota. So in north of Denver we saw two funnel clouds forming and then disappear (funnel clouds turn into tornados) along side the free way. Yes, 'The sky was about to rain and prairies were calling out His name', it did rain and yes, we were driving through praire. We crossed part of Wy, and there we drove through snow on the freeway, (about 1-2 inches) we passed a couple of cars that appreared to slip and then ran into each other.

Moving on, we drove through the North-western tip of Nebraska, (I love nebraska, I have been there twice before on trips to the mid-west in 96' and 05'). And somewhere between Colorado and South Dakota I satarted to write a some words for song, the terrian is so inspiring.

We stayed in SD that night, and then the next day(Sunday) we went to Mount Rushmore and got rained out there. That night we stayed in De-Smet SD, at 'Ingalls Homestead', you know, Little house on the Praire. We slept on the same land they did in the 1880's. The next day (Monday) we stayed there and did a tour of it, and just relaxed. I wrote some music to the words I wrote earlier, under cottonwood trees that 'Pa' planted 130 years ago. Awesome. :)

Yeasterday we left De-Smet stopped in a little town called 'Tyler' Minn, (there's a Tyler in TX too) we then arrived here yeasterday afternoon. That is after stopping by in 'Walnut Grove' and getting 'bugged' out there by 'Plum Creek'. (another little house site. (To many bugs byt the creek, it's bug season, or at least 'gnat season'.

Today we just stayed here and relaxed, while the rest of the family gets over being sick. So Among other things I got to play guitar again un der some more '130' year old trees. Tomorrow, we will go to places like where my mom was born and around the area. My dad has never been here, so this is all new to him. (I was here in 05 as well)

We bought the newer 'little house' movie (five hours), it is so much better than the old TV show, much more accurate, and has some really good music in it; Irish fiddle doing scotish reels in minor keys.... you get the picture. Along with other 'wind instruments' and accustic guitar. Music style was a cross between Celtic and Indian.

I will edit this if there are any typo's.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Self Defense Class for Families

When the R's were out, Mr. R did a self defense class for our church and our sister church (two classes). I remember years ago attending these at Little Bear's camps in Colorado, but it was nice to do them again more recently. It was especially fun because I was the guy he got to demonstrate on (see pictures), whether it was a fake gun, knife, or just bare hands. (also called his quote "throwing dummy") :)
These classes are also great because they are for the whole family, there is something for everybody to learn.

Mid West Trip

So I might not be here to blog for a couple of weeks. Our family is going on a trip to the mid-west to a cousins wedding. On the way we will stop by our old friends the C's in Colorado, and visit Little House locations and everything else you stop at on a road trip. LOL (Mount Rushmore etc) So it should be fun and be nice and 'cool' outside. :) :) :) Although it's hasn't been to bad down here lately.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Math Test Passed

Title says it all. :) :) I took it today and passed with a 56. Thank you to all those who prayed, it was needed on this one. I think the Lord made it easier for me, lol.
Now I am studying 'World Religions', actually looks like it will be a fun test, interesting at least. At least it will be easier than Biology, English, or Math, (all of which had slowed me down).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Math test, on another day...

So I got to the testing center today, and... their CLEP Server was down. It went down yesterday, and won't be back up until Next Friday. But, there is another testing center I might be able to go to on Monday, if there is still space because it's by appointment only. Other than that I went to the men's Bible study this morning and also had co-op.