Saturday, July 17, 2010

Song 'The Four Loves'

I just came across this song; there are actually quite a few new songs I would like to post, but now is not the time.
Try to listen to it if you can, it might take a time or two since it's not the best recording. I like the last verse; :(

"And I replied to the man to the man
Oh there's a love that is greater still
The greatest love is to see
What you love
as he is Battered & Beaten and killed..."

This song does remind me of someone....

Andrew Peterson: vocals & guitar
Ben Shive: lap dulcimer
Gabe Scott: hammered dulcimer
Josh Coffey: fiddle
Andy Gullahorn: mandolin

Thursday, July 15, 2010

And they call it a Dry Heat!?

Today is was around 115 degrees with about a 55% humidity level!

High heat and high humidity = It is miserable being outside.
Never cools down at night either.
It's kinda fun! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Latest Happenings

I have been a little busy lately, but I'll try to give a run down of whats been going on around here.

1. Our church had a NCFIC conference a couple weekends ago.([Reforming Church and Family Conference] It went well, we had Scott Brown, Peter Bradrick, and Jason Young as the speakers. We also had Mr. Brown preach that Sunday, we had a full house, but not quite as full as last year when Voddie Baucham spoke (450+ people). Keep praying for them and all the people who are hearing the Word on this 'road-trip'. We had the H's from Legacy stay with us for the weekend as well as a couple of the young men from the NCFIC team. Had some great discussions with them, staying up until 1:00 am talking theology. Whew! Good stuff :)

2. Independence Day: We didn't do anything super special for July 4th. But I sure did enjoy Pastor's message that day. You know, politics mixed with America's situation, what are we to do, while paralleling whats going on today with the War Of Independence.
He made a point at the end summing it up that struck me:(paraphrasing) He said he was not advocating for armed conflict because of the injustices done to us by our government because... as he pointed out earlier, that in the years preceding 1776 America had gone through some 'Great Awakenings' and revivals and reformation. So people's hearts were right with God. Contrasting to today, we have not had a 'Great Awakening, instead most people are blatantly rejecting God. But, he said that there is reformation going on though, and it is spreading (See #1 above). So keep praying, praying, praying for revival and reformation, which would be so 'Awesome'. (Weird choice of words but oh well). Starts with me....

3. Anna D's birthday party: On July 1st we went to the R's house for a mini water day for Anna's 15th birthday. I think we all had fun, there was a little music played by Faith/Mr. H/ and Anna, but I was unfortunately not part of it.

Mr. H was being....ummm, Mr.H! He would coming up behind anybody who had a water balloon and try to pop it. Well, I tried not to let him do it to mine (he did it anyways) and I resisted. What happened afterward you can imagine, but it was fun, I ended up losing to him, but that was not the last struggle of the day.

A few minutes later I took on David and Josiah (2 vs 1). That was fun. I would just get one on the ground under me and then the other would tear me off. This happened until I was over David and he notice blood. I guess it was good he saw it, because I sure couldn't feel it. (Just a little from my nose). The thing is, I don't know who to blame because I had scuffled with three people in a ten minute time period. :) JK

To add on top of that I jumped down from a fence later and did something to my ankle.(Like land on it and bend in a way it wasn't designed to bend) Wasn't too bad then, but the next day I couldn't walk on it. I can walk on it now though. :]

4. I finished Eng101 and am now doing Eng102. Just four more papers to do! (Did four already) Also working on Intro to Computing, then after that Modern Middle East, finally another history test!!! :) After that Civil War and Reconstruction.

Other Random facts/news.
-United States vs Arizona- yup the federal Government officially filed a lawsuit against us today about SB1070. Quote; " interferes with the federal government's authority to set and enforce Immigration policy" What a joke!

-Free speech might be threatened in the internet, a bill is moving through committee in congress to regulate the Internet and it would basically give the President a 'on/off' switch on the internet in times of war or a 'cyber-security threat'. Ridiculous. Joe Lieberman (the lead sponsor) said we need to regulate the Internet like communist China (or even places like Australia)..... right....not!

-Pray for the victims of hurricane Alex down in Mexico, fortunately the eye of the storm missed the oil spill, but unfortunately it hit Mexico. Mr. M personally knows some people in that area.

-Last month I got another way to use my 'Second Amendment rights', no I will not tell on here what I got. So don't tell the President because he doesn't like the kind I got. :)

-A while ago I was handcuffed, no, not by police, but by friends. That's another story though. :)

-This is a really long post, so I better stop. :0