Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin's Legacy Teaser Trailer

Second Trailer for the upcoming full length feature film, "Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin's Legacy". Go to: for more info. Footage from their researching and interviews.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Courtship Encouragement Part II, Patience

If there's anything that a courtship will grow you in is patience. I know that's one of biggest things Perry and I are growing in. For those who aren't in a courtship and think you have patience, think again and just wait. :) Obviously, a courtship is a time when one really seeks and finds out if the other person is the right person to marry. Or maybe just check 10 times over if you knew before.
And if things seem to be going in a favorable direction, you always end up being best friends with the other person (Think about how many things/topics there is to talk about, and then think if you've ever talked about all that to anyone else besides a parent/mentor?). And in most courtships I think there's a time (it has to happen, part of the process) when you know it's Gods will that, he/she is the one.
But where does patience comes in??
Well, under the conditions listed above, you might for example...

-Want to talk about anything and everything but, some things should wait till engagement or marriage.

-Want to say something (like complimenting the other person) but have to say it in a particular way that's wholesome and good (discretion), or not say it at all.

-Want to do things together (even if it's just a hike or something) but can't always do them all the time/right away. Sometimes because you need someone(a parent) to go with you. Also Meaning wanting to be being alone, out of sight, etc... intentionally or not. (This doesn't necessarily mean I struggle with this, but just some general ideas).

-Just wanting to be married already because you so enjoy being around the other person. Example, wanting to talk very frequently, seeing one other very frequently, etc..

These are just examples, some of them we have experienced, some we haven't.
Different people will have different things, but the main issue is having patience.
It doesn't automatically mean you're sinning if you have some struggles with patience, or growing in it. Talk it over with a parent; especially for girls, they need someone to talk to and share these things with, other than the one who's courting them.

Hopefully these will be helpful to somebody sometime and make sense, and if not, who isn't interested in reading about courtship?

Courtship Encouragement Part 1

Throughout the courtship Perry and I have realized how much influence our courtship has upon others. As well as how many are watching it, awaiting it's outcome, but maybe more importantly, what we and our families do throughout the process. Also, God has used it so that people I don't even know are wondering what 'courtship' is, and asking questions/talking about it. Anyways, I've been throwing around a couple ideas in my head for awhile now to blog about. And, Perry and I decided that we would both blog about our courtship, or courtship related topics on our blogs now and then. Especially for our Arizona people, who aren't here to see it firsthand. If by chance you have a question relating to what are doing, feel free to comment. Also, for a disclaimer: Just because we are in a courtship, does not automatically makes us the "Courtship Gurus", but rather, we just like to talk about what God's been doing in our lives.

-Encouragement for the Young Men- (which also will encourage the Young Ladies) :)
So for us young men, we have the big question of when am I ready? A lot of times, we are afraid to being the topic up, or even (gulp) ask a Father about courting his daughter. Obviously, there is a season where we are preparing (like, our whole childhood and teen years, especially the latter) to be a Priest, Prophet, Provider, and Protector to a young lady and a future Family. I'm not going to necessarily tell you when you're ready, or give you a check list right now. But more of an encouragement, that when you are ready, don't be afraid to ask (even if you don't have the 50k job or are 'young') a father of someone you're interested in (God leading you to that person). Fathers can seem intimidating, but in one sense, they're on your side. What I mean is, they would love to have their daughter's' court and marry in life. Of course the big question fathers have is who and what makes him worthy? Making initial contact is the scariest thing of the whole process, but when you are to that point of being ready, be yourself, stay humble, and be bold. I wasn't to nervous when I did this, but I did lose some sleep over it, fortunately Mr. W was very gracious, lighthearted in a way, and just about as excited as I was. Fathers should be very careful and serious, but also not be so intimidating to potential young men that they're afraid to even ask.
Always strive to be an approved workman who is not despised because of his youth. Meaning not despised because he is an approved workman (or suitor). :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow Pictures

Pictures of the first week we were here, (there's no snow anymore of course). Notice the picture of where the moving truck got stuck the first time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where do I start??!!

Everyone's been telling I haven't blogged in forever, and it's true...
I have tons of topics and stuff to blog, but not as much time or....
So we had quite the adventure moving, where do I start!!?? My 4runner broke down twice on the way here, (yes, the second time happened cause we think the dealer didn't find what was wrong with it the first time), I don't have it yet because it's still being worked on 200 miles away, which is as far as it made it. I'm very thankful though that it's being fixed and made it that far. :)

When we first arrived here (after dark), there was about 7-11 inches of snow piled on our driveway so..., mom stopped on the gravel road right in front of it while I checked to see if we could get through the snow. Long story short, we stopped right on top of a big ice sheet and all we did was slip and slide backwards (we were on a incline with an angle). On top of that we were pulling a trailer, so we got pretty close to sliding in the ditch but we decided to meet our neighbors up the road, and ask them to pull us out. So 45 minutes later, and two diesel ford trucks, we were home... with frozen water lines and a frozen heater (it was in the 20's outside). So that first night we stayed in a hotel cause we also had a sick little one.

Now if us getting stuck was bad, wait until the moving trucks (semi's with 28ft trailers) came a few days later (along with another foot of snow). Um-Hm... that took a few hours (just a few, right?) , a few shovels, a few people, and another diesel pickup truck (yes, pulling the semi that had chains on!).

But we are pretty much settled in now, I think most all the boxes are unpacked, and now I'm blogging. Oh, and sending in applications and job searching like crazy! Which I pray has turned up some leads.

I do have many more things to blog about that I hope to get to soon, but there, I got one post done!!