Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Training your Chlidren in the way they should go

So obviously I don't have any children yet, but in my reading lately I have noticed something interesting on the subject. So, all of us that are home-schooled are exposed to the fact that fathers (and mothers) need to train their children in the Lord, having discipleship and teaching character.
But the thing I've notice is that there are some great men in the Bible that are respected and well known, but somehow some of their children rebelled. Now I'm not saying that well raised children are guaranteed to stay on the narrow path. So, I'm saying that it looks like they (men in Bible) had neglected the training up of their children.
So here are the example's I've come across....

1. Eli's (the priest) sons were rebellious and eventually the Lord killed them; this is the Eli that trained up the little Samuel to became a great men for God. So I go what happened with Eli's sons?
But even though Eli rebuked them for their behavior, he did not discipline them. He was the high priest at the time and had the authority to at least remove his sons from priesthood until they repented. But he didn't.

2. Another example is King David. He also had a son that rebelled. What happened to him? In the text it says that Absolum (spelling) was 'handsome', maybe David thought he had this cute little boy that couldn't do anything wrong (or didn't have the heart to discipline) until, when he got older he rebelled and David almost lost his kingdom. I don't know for sure what happened, but something to learn from.

3. And then also Arron's sons in Leviticus did something that displeased the Lord and were 'consumed' by the Lords fire.

So whether it was a father who was slacking in his job or just some rebellious sons, I don't what to be either one of them. Either right now or in the future.
So that's my two cents of what I've learned this past couple of days.

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Present

This is what I got this Christmas; it is so incredible!!!!

Dear Tyler,
Merry CHRISTmas!!!!

By now you know you have been awarded a special trip to Scotland for this September 2010, provided it is the will of the Lord. We need 35+ confirmed paid passengers by the end of February, or we will take it as a sign that Scotland is not in His will this year.
Let us pray that He will miraculously provide the passengers that He knows will have their lives forever changes by this trip.

It will be a treat to have you along, and for you and I to bond in a deeper way.

Love you
Little Bear and Marilyn

So I will also possibly be stopping by Ireland while I'm out there, Little Bear is giving us some more info about Ireland as well. (Since he has been there as well). Lets Just pray God's will in this matter.


Merry Christmas, but i think everybody who will read this most likely got my e-mail already or I'll see them today.
We had a blessed time Caroling last night along with some fellowship and music! Perfect way to spend a Christmas eve!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Busy at Christmas time

So today we are busy getting stuff ready for caroling with our church tonight(which is at our house this time), which is a tradition since the church as started. So this will be like the third time in a month that we will have most of the church over at our house!

We also have a Christmas recital last Sunday (see pic's) for many of the people who play music in church. So it was alot of fun and had a hilarious ending. Note the cameras and jib-crane at the recital, My dad and Rudy did a great job getting it all filmed.

Also we were in a light parade with miniature horse's, a surprise birthday party with more caroling last week as well.
And then there's this Sunday too, which is a surprise.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogging and Music Writing

So tonight, besides hardly ever staying up this late (it is Christmas time you know) I got this blog set up and have been doing a little bit of music; I came of with this neat sounding composition on guitar and dulcimer; But I don't know if the two parts fit or not. Many times I wish I had something to record with just to work things out with multiple parts on different instruments, (or just another guitar/dulcimer player) Oh well, the good news is that it kinda sounds neat!