Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andrew Peterson Concert Video

From the 'date' I took Perry on. "The Reckoning" song. With Steven Curtis Chapman doing backups. Vancouver Wa, Oct 28, 2011.

Date with Perry=AP Concert

So Friday night I took Perry on a 'date' (not the first, but at least the longest most officially planned), don't worry we had Mr. W as a chaperone. Andrew Peterson was in concert in Vancouver WA, so I got off early from work drove to Birkenfeld and then all the way to Vancouver and back again. It was actually a Steven Curtis Chapman concert with AP and Josh Wilson. But we were there for AP (who BTW we found out homeschools!), it was so much fun! I think there isn't anything else we could've enjoyed more than being TOGETHER seeing AP play some of our favorite songs (like Dancing in the Minefields,The Reckoning, World Traveler, ect...).

We did enjoy Josh Wilson doing his amazing Amazing Grace and a couple of Stevens' songs like 'Cinderella' maybe, or 'The Great Adventure' (saddle up your horses).
What was really fun was hearing AP talking and telling the stories behind the songs (he has quite the sense of humor). Or agreeing with AP that seeing Steven C. Chapman 'rocking' out on ukulele is quite the sight. Is was also really cool being at a CCM concert that had a Hammered Dulcimer on stage, (RM influence on AP) even though it only played on one song.

We did finally get to meet AP personally afterwards, Yay! We talked about Rich Mullins a little and we did get him to sign my 'Liturgy' Songbook as well as the "The Book of Us", which is a scrapbook Perry made where we basically tell each other what we like about each other (grammar okay??). AP mentioned he's always trying to write a song half as good as Rich could. :)

Perry also made a fabulous dinner (stuffed pita bread) and dessert (peanut butter-chocolate-chip-cookie-pudding cake). It was also cool to be able to drive with Perry in the vehicle after midnight drinking milkshakes! Weird i know. I got video of many of the songs too that I'll try to post.

It was quite the honor to take my pretty, best friend out on a 'date' (even though we don't 'date'). Sorry, I probably just made her turn pink. :) Thank you.