Friday, February 26, 2010


That's the title of Little Bear's face-book post! Here are the details in it:

GOOD NEWS: Those last minute, put off
to the bitter end, the kind of people who did their school reports at
the last minute, the cramers who cram the night before an exam
surfaced, and low and behold we have enough people to go to Scotland.
Yippee!! For those of you who are the worlds worst procrastinators
there is still on the coach for 7 more people before the coach
is full to the brim. First come first serve remains the by-word.
Scotland or Bust!

So now we just have to plan the Ireland part of it, which is on our own. Who/where we stay with, how long, etc...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Camp-out, Three More, and the Color Green

Recently our church had its annual men and boys desert camp-out. This year we added a new feature; goat killing! Yes, we (Actually Mr.R) shot a goat and then skinned it (David and some others) and then cooked it up and ate it(only those who were brave enough that is). I did have a taste of it and well, it's kind of chewy, not horrible, but not something I would want to eat regularly.
We also went hiking and went to a abandoned 'mine', just a hole about 75 feet into a mountain. Usually, they cover these up and all you see is a 'tailing pile', but not this one. So Pastor, David and I were the first ones to get there, but I was the only one with a flashlight (I knew there was a reason why to carry one at nine a-clock in the morning!). So we went in, all the way in and touched the end of it; there wasn't anything in there except for dust and some coyote scat. So I stayed in there and 'lighted' the way for everybody else, (my Surefire did an excellent job BTW lol, I'm biased towards Surefires though!). We would turn off the light and it was about the darkest dark I've seen!

Also we went to some Indian Petroglyphs on a rock and had a devotional there that Pastor lead. It was about the Petroglyphs; you see it was a way for the Indians to communicate, especially their legacy. That was their legacy, which was just some circles, a lizard, and some unidentified markings of not much importance. The question was then; what will our legacy be, what will we be known for in our lives?? Will it be some squiggly lines on a rock? Or a life that was for Christ, and had meaning??

Also, three more are still needed for the Scotland trip, so the Lord has been providing the people, and there are still more that are interested. Except they have until the 28th to register, which is the cut off date for the trip to be a go. Little Bear said that this would be their last trip to Scotland because of the difficultly of getting enough people, this is the third year they've done the tour and the 11th(or 12th?) time he has been there.

I have also been studying Biology and the other day I was sitting there reading and realized something; Life wouldn't be here without the color Green. Yep! Why? Well it has to do with photosynthesis in plants, plants that do photosynthesis have Chloroplasts that gives plants the green colors they have. But, the end result of photosynthesis is oxygen, and is responsible for much of the supply of it on earth, and without oxygen, we couldn't continue living! So that is the only fun thing I have found in biology so far. :(
No wonder why green is my favorite color!! I am eternally indebted to it! LOL

But I still have a little ways to go with biology, first practice test I scored high, second was kinda low!

Also, Coming soon is a demo recording of one of my favorite songs, I just have to finish recording the other half of the tracks that I started a couple weeks ago!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Failed Test

Friday I got the results back for my English comp test and scored a 49 (C), a 50 is needed to pass.....
This is the first test I have failed on, and I have to wait six months before I can retake it. Except that in six months CLEP will have a new english test that is harder, and had two essays to be written in even a shorter time period. So we are also looking into local community colleges where I could do a on-line course; but of course that is five times more expensive than CLEP.
I spent two months (including Christmas time) working on this test and now it's gone....Hmmm....

God is still in control and it is not the end of the world.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Landmarks of the Faith

There are still 12 more people needed for this to be a go, Little Bear has until Feb 28 to get the 30 people needed. But they do have 3 families who are very interested in going and that would add 10-11 more people. So we are all just getting the word out that there is still space.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rearragned Blog

So I have done some work, or at least enough to make it known, that I have something up on my other blog pages; accessed from the top of the blog. Enjoy!
I am still/will be working on them.

BTW. The poll answer is Oregon. I might of fooled some of you. ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hammered Dulcimer

So many reading this know that I play hammered Dulcimer and was inspired to do so because of Rich Mullins. So recently I was showed these rare videos of Rich playing, thanks to the guy who runs this blog
So the first video is one of my favorite songs on Dulcimer, and a favorite in general.
The second video, I have no clue what the name of the song is, but is some little ditty that Rich came up with in the 80's. It sounds part celtic-Appalachian-bluegrass and just ragamuffin in general. So, I guess enjoy if you wish too.
Both are just a dulcimer and a guitar, which is really neat!

You now see these videos on the 'Music Sound clips' page.

Details in Life Lately

So as usual life is full and busy, so this post is just a hodge-podge of things around in this neck of the woods, I mean desert. LOL
Last Saturday.
Last Saturday I helped the D's along with the R's move one of their big stacks of hay that they get every so often (the kind that are 10ft tall and 12ft wide). Right before that though they had another mini foal born, a cute little colt. So after admiring the new life we finally started to stack hay. And as usual it was enjoyable, (you know, when working with friends every thing is more fun). We like to time ourselves every time we do it and see how long we take to stack it (to keep it enjoyable), last time it took us 45 minutes to move it, this time it was only about 30 minutes! So afterwords we had cheeseburgers for lunch along with a brownie-cookie mixture. (Best idea ever, putting brownies and sugar cookies all in the same pan!)

Sunday was good (as always! I love Sundays), beautiful day, it had rained the night before. That night I played music with the D's for one hour, yes that's all the time they had. But we did it anyways because it had been a while since last time we played.

Nothing happen much today, just reading out of a stupid biology book that teaches evolution as a fact!! (you could maybe hear me yelling at it during the day while I read it, or not!) And I did a math practice test. Nothing fun.
Of course between all this I practice music, record music, and try to write music, but all that you would guess I do anyways so....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check out the latest film in the works!

This a movie that my dad is doing the filming on (cinematography).
Visit this link to watch a test trailer and get more info. This will be a full length feature film. (at least 80 min long).
Enjoy. I will post some more in the near future.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My own Recordings

So these have me playing in them. They are really rough, and are really bad recordings, and not perfectly synced up yet.
Note: None of these recordings are professional recorded in a studio, so they are more like demos of what I have been playing lately.
Hopefully these don't take of too much space on here. I made them in smaller files so...and finally I've put some music up on here, except it's a little bit of a pain having these videos take up so much page space. :) But I'm still happy!
Edit: I might have made them too small because they are slightly choppy.
UPDATE: Check out the Music Page for more music.