Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Test Today

At 3:00 today I have my Public Speaking test that I am taking. I have a 3-5 minute speech that I have to give on 'controversial' topic. I'm not judged on what my viewpoint is, just how I'm am organized. It can't be any shorter than 3 minutes, or any longer that five, else I fail. (Don't worry this is the lest of my worries). I am hoping for a topic that I feel very strongly about, like should mothers stay at home, or abortion etc... easier to write a speech on something you care about. Rather than should the international ban on hunting Whales be lifted or not. LOL

Monday, June 21, 2010

John Wesley Song from Robin Mark

This is from a concert in AZ that we went too last week. I'm not super big on concerts but anyways it was good! :) This is his "John Wesley" folk song, it is worth watching. ;) In the middle of filming it our camera card ran out of space, so I had to delete another video to make room for the rest of the song. Only about 15 seconds of the song was lost. (need to get a memory card that has GB on it instead of Mb, lol) That's why for now, there are two videos.
He talks about the song first etc...

Part 2

Part 2

Friday, June 11, 2010

AZ Rancher Catches Illegals on hidden Video

Wow!! This is in the county I used to live in years ago, far from the border. And our government still says illegal immigration/drugs trafficking is not a problem. Packs that weigh hundreds of pounds full of drugs, fully automatic weapons, lines of people....on and on.
No wonder AZ has passed SB1070!!

When I lived down there, we once had a border crosser knock on our door, at night!! I saw him myself, he was asking for 'water'. I still remember it, it was especially scary for my mom.

@Lisa, your sign that you posted stated that is was around interstate 8, some of this video is about two miles from I-8.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trying out a new Background

Just trying out a new background, still working on all the colors etc... suggestions are welcomed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Surrender All by Greg Bogdan

Mr. Bogdan [] was at Church last Sunday and sang for communion. I liked this song the best which I think is called "I Surrender All"??

Music Surveys, Results.

So I get music surveys very now and then from local radio stations, most of the stuff I don't really care for. And Lately, I haven't had time to fill every one out, sometimes I just glance at the song list and if there is one I like (which is rare) then I'll do the survey. Well, every time you get a survey it shows you the top rated songs from the last time, and there has never been any of favorites in the list except for today.....(#4)

1. All Of Creation by MercyMe
2. If We've Ever Needed You
by Casting Crowns
3. Healing Hand Of God by Jeremy Camp
4. My Deliverer by The Ragamuffin Band
5. I'll Be by Newsboys

Although, this post is really not-important, it is just a small detail in my life that made me smile. Notice how all the others are from today's most popular bands. So I guess I can make a difference when rating the songs, cause I did vote in the last survey.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pro-life, Pro-Education, and Another Passed Test

So lately I have been thinking about the next presidential election, which I also talked about with several people at church this past Sunday. One of the requirements that Christians usually want of a candidate is for him (or, possibly her) to be pro-life.

I believe one of the worst things a society could do is to kill their own children, which is abortion. Now I won't ramble on this, but you all know what my opinion is on that issue.

But, what happens to the majority of children that are born (or survive the threat of being aborted) in America??? What do they end up doing? Good or evil? What are they taught?? A candidate NEEDS to be pro-life. But sadly, what happens to kids in America is that they go through the public education system. So I am upset (and sad) enough that there is abortion in America? But I'm also sad about what most kids are taught when they grow up. All the way from preschool to College.
The public education system is just an example of the moral position of the people in America. Which is as we all know very anti-God. What I'm getting at is, that the Education system in its truest form, would be NO Education system; at least government run. Most of us know that education is the parents job at home.

Also, what I'm getting at is, America is not only killing their children physically, but also killing them spiritually. The best candidate, if there is one, would stop both of these.

Now this is being very hopeful, and could only happen supernaturally, because right now humanly speaking, this isn't going to happen anytime soon. I look at the recent budget cuts on Education in AZ and there was just a huge outcry over it.

Now there are so many topics and issues about candidates we could get into, but I just thought of this one because of recent discussions going on live and in the blog-sphere.

I am also not promoting any particular candidate or political party at this time. Just the principles. Feel free to leave any comments and your name below. :)

On a personal topic, I passed another test on Saturday, World religions. Very interesting. So now I have 78 credits which is basically 2/3 done with college, boy am I looking forward to this coming Dec-Jan, no more college studies!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Various Pictures of our Trip

So I didn't want to put these here, but I can't put pictures in my special picture page just for pictures so.... here they are...and I hope this page doesn't take to long to shouldn't because of the way blogger has it set up. :)
There are so many pictures I could post of so many things but at least there is a sample. :)

Funnel Cloud in Northern Colorado.

And the sky is about to rain......

Actually it snowed, in Wy. Notice the cars that 'slipped' off the road.

Buffalo in the black hills SD, Mt. Rushmore, church at Ingalls Homestead.

Inside the church, I love these old little churches. Looks like the 'Jesus record' church piano.

The Nomad trailer, at the C's, Bagpipes, Field of wheat...

is that Scotland? No, it's the Midwest! Rudy in Dallas.

Logging truck in Arkansas. Tyler Minn. And Nebraska.

And there's fury in a Pheasant's wing... Great shot by dad; truck moving 65mph and pheasant ?mph?

Ingalls Homestead. SD. And Tyler Texas the town I was named after, which was named after a president. (It's Not the only reason how I got my name though)

Spin Jigs

So I tried to put this in the video section, but it doesn't allow me too. So I'll put it here.
These tunes were played at the wedding and was my favorite of the whole night. But I didn't have the camera to record it at the time, so here is a sample of the recording. The guitar intro reminds me a little of 'Fierce'.