Thursday, September 30, 2010

More fiddle playing at Doune Castle, Scotland

Jig set. Great natural reverb! Playing in the middle of the castle courtyard.

Fiddle Playing At a Castle and Cliffs

Videos of me playing Be Thou My Vision in 'Whigs Vault' at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland, and the jig part to 'The Color Green' at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

The Vault was used at the time to hold 167 covenanter prisoners(Christians) for a few months under horrible conditions. Little Bear was having me play to get people to come in so we could do a devotional there. Very sobering to be in there and hear the story of what happened. It also had awesome reverb in there! :)

The Cliffs were the site where much of the Music video to RM's song The Color Green was filmed, I roughly played the Jig (instrumental) part to the song.
I have more videos of me playing at places to come.

Be thou my vision

The Color Green

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few more Pictures from the Cliffs

Yep, I did another photo shoot of my fiddle while there; sure wish i had a Dulcimer. :) :) Enjoy!

Lastest Upcoming Film

"Color Green Films" with "Kid Brothers of St. Frank." presents...
'Rich Mullins'
'A Ragamuffins Legacy'
A full length Film Based on a true story coming soon.

So this is one of the lesser exciting news that I have, that somebody is making a film about him (and in the process took my Idea that I wasn't serious about).

So hopefully they make a decent 'family friendly' film, set to be released 2011.
Link below... with music from the film.

Mary Picked the Roses Song

Words written by Rich, music written by Andrew Peterson and Gabe Scott. Not the best melody, but still interesting.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Profile picture

Okay, so I have about a ton of pictures I could put up there; and until I decide on one for sure, I'll have the one up that's up. ;) I might also end up rotating them so.... ya'll all can tell me your favorites. ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Courtship Poem...

Yep, that's right, a second poem has been written about mine and Perry's courtship. This one was written by Mr. C. this past Saturday at our church's family camp (Mr. C and his family are living in Colorado right now). Then after the service that night he read it in an Irish accent for the whole church! :) So it was a little more merciful than the other one floating around @ ;)

~For Tyler Kirkpatrick~

There once was a lad named Tyler
Who paid no mind to the Beguiler
He talked to her dad
Who said he was glad
For Perry to court the shy smile

While away on Eire's emerald shore
Our lad said there's something in store
He held back the news
Till he landed his shoes (or actually before he even left for Eire)
On American soil once more

Young Tyler was not too terrific
On writing or calling horrific
For a time he was slim
On phone calls to him
But with Perry, he's now quite prolific!

My last verse is to give God the glory
For this first part of Tyler's great story
We trust him in seeking
The ways of His teaching
Thus all will have no thing to worry

Note: Written on the back of a family camp release form for the ropes course, during the afternoon of the ropes course.

Now Mr. C did see me on the phone that afternoon in the field talking to you know who; so....

Edited for late-night-up-too-many-days-grammatical-spelling-errors!

The Color Green... Again...

I can't believe that they cut out 6 songs from that video, and apparently it was all the Irish ones, cause here is the color green. No penny whistle, but there's piano and mandolin.

This is so Exciting!! 78 Eatonwood Green....

I have a couple very exciting post to post here soon; well not as exciting as a courtship. ;)
So I just found a couple really neat things, one is about a upcoming film. More later on that one.
And then; somebody just posted a bunch of few (6) never before seen videos of RM.
Here is one of them, doing one of my favorite songs to play, and this live edition is a new favorite. My family has a video, called live from studio B, but apparently they didn't put all the songs on they that he did that night, which is so wrong because this one was not on it. And he speaks about the place I just came from at the beginning when he is talking about this song.
:) :)

Family Camp 1.1

I am now home. :)
Got back from camp last night.
We have some more pictures btu they are on my dad's camera right now, so I only have a few from my mom's. I do have pictures of me in the kilt with my hat, on the other camera.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Cliffs, Dunluce Castle, Rope Bridge, Giants Causeway

Just a sampling of hundreds of great Pictures plus all the videos clips. Cliffs of Moher are on the west side of Ireland~ Everything else is along the northern coast~

Note~ I did have five more loading but this the connection was reset and I lost 20min of work..... So you have five for now. I had five more to load after that, so but the second five didn't go through so.... Enjoy

The Last Pictures I ever Took.... :)

So the first image is from the Cliffs of Moher, about a 700ft straight drop into the sea and rocks....

Somehow I survived that one and lived to fall again of the Carrick-e-ride (Spelling is wrong) rope bridge in Northern Ireland, which is where the second image is from. This second one was only a 90ft drop... :)

Okay, I'll get serious, I didn't fall anywhere, but these are neat pictures, but they don't give you quite the sense of grandness when you're actually up there.

I took the first pic but laying down on the grass next to the edge, with the camera on a tri-pod, I then set the timer and held the tripod with the camera on it over the edge and snap, there's the picture, and I was safe the whole time. ;)

The second one, well I walked out on the rope bridge, (actually nowadays it's made out of steel cables) stopped in the middle and took the picture looking straight down.

We had quite the adventure yesterday in Northern Ireland; rain, sunshine, thunder, floods, castles, cliffs, biggest rainbow ever, rope bridge, road closures, and car problems. But it was 'Grand' as they say out here.

I have about 500 picture i want to post from the last 3-4 days but it takes a while...

Cheers (another common expression out here)

Monday, September 20, 2010

I was here Today!!

The Cliffs of Moher~
I am too tired to download pic's right now, eating dinner, so.... you see them in the video.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is how Fast some of the Trains go Out Here

I was waiting for a train at the station yesterday and two trains went through the Station, I missed the first first one, but i got part of the second one on video. These were going strait through, direct line to where ever they were going. My trains did not get to this speed quite (i think) cause they stop about every 5 minutes or so.
It created quite the wind~~~~ :0

Dublin~ Day Two

So Here are a few pictures from day 2 of visiting Dublin. Which is a very busy city, a little too busy. :) But it is quite an experience and is fun. Places I've been too, Trinity College and the book of Kells, and the HUGE library in the college. St. Patrick's Cathedral, and a few shops. Pics include; train station, a cafe named "Foggy Dew" (We went by it in the bus, so I had to jump off at the next stop and run back to get a picture) :) Foggy Dew is a famous song that Mr. W sings. ;)
Also, there's an old piece of music from Handles messiah from the 1700's.
And other cross that in the St. Patrick's Cemetery, the Celtic Crosses are actually called 'High Crosses'.

Also, very interesting, on the of the main busiest streets of Dublin there was the Socialist political Party out 'recruiting', handing pamplets out, speaking through a bull horn, etc.... wow!
Also there was table for Islam out there as well, trying to get 'converts'.
And the good thing was; there was a 'Right to Life' table out there too, with a petition to the government to keep abortion Illegal in Ireland; yes it is illegal to have one right now in Ireland.

Note: Today (the 19th) is thirteen years since Rich died, my host family reminded me last night. :(

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yes, I am now in Ireland

So here are so Photos from the last days of Scotland, there are just so many photos I could post, but it takes awhile for each one to load over here, AND I would like to get some sleep here as well.
Long story really short, I spent the day in Dublin, and yes I did get a Real Irish wool sweater. ;)

The first photo (I think) should be me, in Dublin today in my sweater~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scotland ~Random Facts N' Photos

1. I found out that the kilt I have is a Douglas tartan. After I got it, Little Bear showed us a book in a shop that showed what tartans family's wore; one of the main one's that Kirkpatricks wore was.... Douglas lol. i didn't even try to do that one.:)

2. Although, I am excited about Dougie MacLean, I have not heard too many of his songs, and i also know/assume that not all of them are good, so if you look him up....

There are also some Pictures I uploaded from today at the Isle of Iona, it's basically as far west as you can get in Scotland, and the closest to Ireland almost. Here at Oban, and in most of the Highlands the road signs are in two languages, English and Scottish Gaelic. ;) I did take a pic of one. ;)

Scotland ~Dougie Maclean!

So at the highland games last Saturday..... we arrived and I heard over the speakers something about Dougie MacLean being there later on in the day (he is a famous Scottish folk songwriter). Well at around 4:45 I left with Little and some others, he was going to show us something neat at a shop before it closed at 5:00.

After the shop, I went back to the hotel to blog, well one of my friends comes in the lobby from the games (no more than a half mile away), mentioned that some guy was playing guitar and singing. i was like, that has to be Dougiw maclean, so we ran all the way down in our kilts (i did pretty good, not everybody did, mine must of been heavier or something). And the stage was empty... ;( ;(
But.... all the bagpipe band were together on the field and started playing Amazing Grace, which was awesome, hundreds of pipes and drums all playing... :0

Long story short, after that, I was looking around for Dougie, and then finally spotted him going back to his car. So we went up yo him, and got to talk to him for about 10 min, shook his hand, and the I had him autograph my highland games ticket!
Although, he is not a christian, it was still very neat to be able to do this, coming across the guy who wrote the famous song "Ready for the Storm" which Rich Mullins recorded and said he wich he had written it, but dougie got it first. Dougie also recorded "The geal" which is better known from the soundtrack from the movie "last of the Moeinains (Sp???)", recognize that one Gabe?? :) So he actually lived fairly close to where the games were at. So even though I didn't hear him play (some friends did though, but they didn't know who he was quite) it was still great to talk to him. ;)
Nore: I do not endorse the movie (never seen it, or know anything about it) but the one Celtic piece I do endorse (Sp?)! LOL

~Tyler~ Going to dinner now

Ready for the Storm by Rich Mullins~ i did not make this video~

The soundtrack version of The Gael, I also have Dougies version CD as of Today, but it's about the same.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scotland ~Kilts!

So here are the long awaited kilt pictures~ The one is of hundreds of Bagpipers playing Amazing grace. Another is some of the Landmark guys (out tour), another is Allen with the wheelers and others, Allen was wearing a 5 or 6 meter 'real' kilt, he's a re-enactor at the highlands games.