Music Library

This page is just a list music that I recommend or listen to. I will try to keep it organized. I will also be updating this periodically when ever I find any music I like. Especially in the next couple of days. I might/will describe style, bits, of info and possibly a review or two. We will see.
If there are multiple albums under an artist, the first ones are usually favorites.

Rich Mullins By album.
Liturgy, Legacy, and a Ragamuffin band
World as best as I can remember It, Vol 1
The Jesus Record
Songs 2
Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth
Would as best as I can Remember it, Vol 2
Never Picture Perfect

Ric Blair
Celtic Sessions
Break the Walls
Fields of Freedom (hymns)
Always by my side

The Crossing Band
Dancing at the Crossroads
Look both ways, Rise and Go.

Dance of the Celts; by Various artists.

Marc Gunn's Victims of Irish Music

Robin Mark
Revival in Belfast
The Mandate (hymn CD)
Come heal this land (not all tracks)
Revival in Belfast 2 (a few tracks)

Which way to Dublin Town

Winifred Horan
Pleasures of Home

A couple songs from 'Rising Gael' including 'Fierce'

Ted Yoder

The Chieftains
Don't own any albums of them.

Don't own any albums, but rather particular songs.
You Raise me Up
Be thou my Vision
Before the Throne of God Above

Keith and Kristyn Getty Don't own any of their albums yet either. But I like thier style from what I've heard. Including their 'Toss the Feathers' and 'Hear all creation Combo!"

Fernando Ortega
Christmas Songs Cd as well as his 'All creature of our God and King' great semi Irish mix!

Also, my Friends.