Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intel! Where I will be Working Soon

This is a video of an Intel clean room, where I've been hired for a project. The video is just a video by Intel; but I don't care for the music too much, but that's easily fixed. :) It gives a good visual of the environment I'll be in.

I'm actually been hired by a sub-contractor of a sub-contractor, which is hired by Intel. In the video, you see automated machine-cars on tracks on the ceiling. We are to take those tracks down and put updated newer, better, faster ones. In reality, it's just a general labor/construction job. Oh, and I do get to wear one of those white "Bunny suits" you see everybody has on.

Oh, a 'clean room' is 1000-10000 times cleaner than an open heart hospital surgical room (they make wafers, computer chips, processors and stuff). It's football fields big.
I've spent the last three days doing safety training and, more safety training. It doesn't pay great, but it's a job. Many of the guys in the class have been looking for work since 09!
Anyways, we'll see how it works out. :)